K-STAR : Kpop Idol Fandom​

K-STAR is for fans of K-POP idol groups  (but also other celebrities like singer, k-drama actor, k-drama actress, model, etc in Korea!) who want to support and love their celebrities.   Join various fandoms in K-STAR to support and share about your Kpop STARs.

You can also compare how your opinion of your STAR is different or similar to ones of other fans.  Have a fun time with other fans.

Check Fans’ Taste in Fandom

See what fans have chosen and communicate why you chose! Also check what other have chosen. Three Activities (Balance, Contest, Answer) will create more joyful time loving your celebrities!

About K-POP Idol

This is where you and other fans can discuss about your STAR. You can attach several pictures as well. Discussion is available in the form of comments.

Idol’s Pictures

Upload and share images/arts of STAR. Enjoy going over pictures of your celebrities. 

Fandom List

You can join existing fandoms or request new fandoms if your STAR is not on the list. The request will be handled by the Support Team, and once the fandom is created,  you will become a manager for that fandom.