LuvDiary - Couple Diary

Love diary for couple

Share your daily life with your love, LuvDiary.
Stack hearts by writing a diary with your love.
Ensure your love through collecting the heart. LuvDiary is a private social media only for 2.
Make your relationship full of love.


Add pictures of yourself that express your mood well and share it with your beloved person by selecting it. Every two hours, the mood will be reset to keep your mood up to date.


When you and your partner complete the diary, your heart count will increase by 1. If your love hasn’t write today’s diary, you can remind your love by clicking the “remind” button.


Talk with your half in your daily life. Send cute emojis! You can enjoy little games with your love. Balance is picking 1 card among 2 and Question is answering the question. Compare answer with your love.


See how your heart is for each month. Heart will either empty, half, or full depending on your diaries. Important events will be shown and you can add new one.