POCA : Photo Card, Diary

From a simple photo card full of your taste to the diary of your day! \(^0^)/

Create poca (photocard) with cute stickers and various layouts! You can decorate your favorite celebrity or your daily life. Invite friends to a group and share the day with them.


Style your own photocard and share it with friends, who are in the same group. Start creating one by choosing a layouts. 

With Friends

Up to 100 people can join in one group. You can either create a group or join through an invitation link. Group can be used with your love, friends, or family.

Style POCA

Create your Poca with collage, sticker, text, brush, the color of a card, etc. Upload poca of your taste 🙂


Other than free items, you can purchase a theme/ sticker/ layout/ group with gummy in a market. If you want to decorate Poca with more various items, try this market feature.