TwoTwo: Couple, Friend, Family

Secret place for Your Beloved People
Communicate with your family or friends or your lover!

Communicate and Compare Tastes with Your Special People.

Get close with them more by joining TwoTwo!

Figure out what food they prefer and what they want for their birthday gift. It’s also great to use when there is something going on between. 

Create/Join up to 10 groups and enjoy answering questions by participating simple activities! Write a diary together to save the memories or send letters with your love 🙂


TwoTwo is an app where you communicate with special people and compare taste, thinking, and personality with them. Get close with them more by joining TwoTwo! 


Figure out each other’s taste through fun activities! Balance, Contest, and Answer are already set for you 🙂 You can also create new activities.


You can create or join up to 10 groups. Make a BFF’s group, partner’s group, and families’ group.


Check how much you match with other members in the group.