Self-Esteem Diary

Grow your self-esteem by knowing yourself with writing your day and thoughts. Answer different questions every day and get to know yourself more & more. Take small action JUST for yourself! Start your day with great sayings and end with writing a diary. Record your daily mood and view how it changes throughout the month. 

Write your responds to Today’s Question, Today’s Action, and Today’s Story! 

Share it with other people anonymously and compare with their thoughts.


You can select your today’s mood and view it by clicking calendar! Also, Today’s Saying will appear in home screen to motivate/cheer you. 

Today's Question

You will answer the different question each day. Compare your answer a year later! Grow your self-esteem through recording your thoughts and meditate about yourself.

Today's Story

You can keep your precious day in a diary. Keep your photos and sentences to remember your days.

Story Forum

Let others know your answer to question, action, and/or a diary. Each question/action/story has a forum.